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Founded in 2005, Axes Software is the oldest Romanian company providing software and hardware solutions for an efficient Supply Chain Management.

Our team focuses on the development and deployment of complex software applications such as MESWMSTMSPODPMS, YMS and more, with the aim of providing a high degree of automation of the flow of goods and services within companies with different activity profiles such as: manufacturing, logistics (3PL), courier, distribution, healthcare, HoReCa, commerce (chain stores, supermarkets etc.) and e-commerce.

In addition to the development and deployment of logistics management software solutions, our projects include other complementary services such as project management, expert consulting, support and help desk assistance.

Software solutions

Our supply chain management software solutions, which comprise the xTrack LMS (Logistics Management Suite), are customised according to the needs and requirements of our clients and easily integrated, through dedicated modules for connecting (interfacing) with various applications (especially ERP), into the existing IT systems of those who turn to us for help.

Edward Petrescu, CEO

Edward Petrescu, CEO

We are a team specialized exclusively in the development and implementation of software solutions for Supply Chain. Computer optimization of production and logistics activities is the modern ‘translation’ of the classic Time is money. We are aware that today’s innovation becomes tomorrow’s standard, and the standard must be constantly exceeded. And that’s what we do, every day! 

Over 250 successful software deployments

Our customers come from various sectors of activity that have a common denominator: the need for logistics software solutions.

What customers say about Axes Software

Dorin Crisoverghi, Administrator Elbi Electric & Lighting

We are long-standing customers of Axes Software. We have been working together for many years and the xTrack WMS solution is already an integral part of our operations, a perfectly normal way of streamlining our business. I know that the people in the warehouse are very happy to use this application because it has shown them how efficient they can become. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the involvement and ongoing support of the Axes Software team members who have created a useful application, suited to the needs imposed by the daily activities we carry out! 

Valentina Mocanu, Angst Production Manager

The xTrack WMS software application brought unimaginable efficiencies to our specific workflows at the outset. We have saved time, effort, resources and achieved results we never suspected before deployment.  Everything in our warehouses is now organized and an increasing volume of orders and products are delivered with the same number of people. We thank the Axes Software team for the professionalism with which they developed and customized the application according to our requests so that our collaboration was successful!

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