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Digitalization in SCM ensures efficiency and flexibility in every segment of the supply chain.  Therefore, it is not surprising that today, the development and implementation of logistics software solutions is the key to the optimization of production, transport, services and other activities.

Our article briefly outlines the advantages of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) digitalization, which you can benefit from if you choose to implement software solutions designed for this purpose. But before going into details on the main applications used in logistics, let’s see what is meant by SCM.

What is Supply Chain Management (SCM)?

In general, supply chain management (SCM) refers to the management of the flow of goods, from the purchase of raw materials to the actual delivery of finished products to their final destination.

Over the last few decades, SCM has acquired an additional digital dimension, resulting from the automation of logistics activities and the generation of related information flows. This includes various software applications that collect and process data, monitor and even coordinate various operations such as: activities in manufacturing areas, handling of goods, picking and delivery of ordered goods from warehouses, various operations and collaboration with importers, exporters, raw material suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transport and logistics operators and retailers.

Practice has already shown that a digital SCM is much more efficient than a traditional one in logistics, as it brings major competitive advantages by optimizing costs, increasing efficiency and creating added value.

Here’s what you can do to configure your own supply chain management system and tailor it to your company’s requirements and profile.

Digitalization in SCM – Software solutions

Axes Software applications for Supply Chain Management ensure the management of each segment of the supply chain through modules dedicated to the digitalization of a wide range of logistics activities.

xTrack MES

xTrack MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a software solution for managing the planning, execution and monitoring of manufacturing operations.

Based on parameters entered by users, xTrack MES automatically schedules manufacturing operations, automates workflows, monitors the execution status of orders in production units in real time, tracks the traceability and genealogy of batches and verifies that the technical quality conditions of finished products are met.

By implementing the xTrack MES system, you will be able to optimise logistics costs because you will have real-time control over your company’s activities. What would the results be? The time spent entering or collecting data is reduced, the time spent on operations in warehouses and other storage areas for raw materials and materials is shorter, and the efficiency of processing and delivering production orders increases.

xTrack WMS

xTrack WMS (Warehouse Management System) helps automate workflows in warehouses owned or managed by manufacturing facilities or distribution companies. It can also be implemented by 3PL providers (logistics service providers for companies that have chosen to outsource such activities) or by companies with online and/or physical stores.

With xTrack WMS, you optimize your warehouse activities and have complete traceability of your products. The application helps you to manage repetitive manual activities quickly and efficiently, so you reduce the risk of human error, which will lead to fewer returns and therefore lower transport costs for goods rejected by customers.

Like any modern software solution, xTrack WMS allows the use of mobile terminals for picking, for example, and optimizes routes inside the warehouse. By combining and implementing the right hardware and software infrastructure, you will have an efficient and customized warehouse and stock management system.

xTrack TMS

xTrack TMS (Transport Management System) is a complete transport management system.

With the xTrack TMS software solution you can determine transport costs in real time, automatically allocate orders to each individual vehicle and use the best delivery routes every time.

What’s more, xTrack TMS is available as a cloud-based application as well, so you no longer have to spend large sums of money on purchasing your own servers to process and store the data (information and statistics on drivers, cars and fuel, etc.) associated with your transport activities.

xTrack POD

xTrack POD (Proof of Delivery) is a software solution for monitoring and controlling deliveries of raw materials, industrial products, goods and parcels.

xTrack POD allows you to automate the operations of picking up goods from suppliers and confirming deliveries to customers. You’ll get lower costs for logistics activities and significantly reduce delivery times. You’ll also be able to check the data and status of ongoing and completed deliveries at any time. The POD software solution simplifies the reporting system and gives you the possibility to issue receipts and invoices in the field via mobile terminals.

xTrack PMS

xTrack PMS (Packaging Management System) is a complete returnable packaging management system.

xTrack PMS is the system you need if you manage a large number of returnable packaging items (pallets, crates, trays, etc.) and you have to keep a close eye on them. By using such a software solution, you’ll manage to reduce losses caused by lost or stolen packaging.

The application’s structure and pre-defined option sets make it easy and efficient for you to keep track of your packaging. You will be able to track each packaging item, its status and location, and select the available clearing methods. If needed, you can quickly organize transfers of packaging between warehouses and determine exactly how much packaging needs to be purchased to replace packaging that, for various reasons, you can no longer use.

Software solutions for SCM efficiency

Axes Software’s xTrack LMS (Logistics Management Suite) applications are custom solutions that, for added efficiency, can be easily integrated via plug-in modules into the software systems you already have in your company, especially for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

The solutions presented above can be integrated with any other software solution in the xTrack suite, with similar applications or with various ERP systems. Interconnecting applications ensures a seamless flow of information throughout the integrated systems, allowing the necessary information to be imported, exported and processed as required. And we can also add the high accuracy of processed and stored data to the list of benefits mentioned above.

Using the latest digitalization technologies found in IoT systems, you will benefit from efficiency and flexibility when managing your logistics activities.

If we have persuaded you that digitalization in SCM is important and it is worth investing in an Axes Software solution, or if you would like to know more about our supply chain management solutions, please fill in the form below and drop us a few lines. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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