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If you oversee field services or activities, you need to plan, coordinate and allocate human and material resources wisely to optimize them. Given the complexity of remote work management processes, here are some details on the specifics of managing field services and the xTrack FSM (Field Service Management) solution, developed by the Axes Software specialists to address the challenges associated with them.

What are field services?

Field services are activities that involve teams of workers travelling outside the company’s property to fix problems that are reported by customers or to provide services that fall within the company’s remit.

The types of field services broadly include:

In short, any work carried out by workers at any location other than that of their employer firm is field work, requiring remote coordination of the workforce and material resources involved.

What are the elements of effective field service management?

Field Service Management is the process of optimizing the use of equipment and manpower and organizing field services and operations.

To make this complex process more efficient, you need to consider a number of elements, such as:

and last but not least,

To streamline the work of your field teams and have tight control over this laborious process without leaving the office, you need a flexible application whose functionalities cover all the aspects outlined above.

What is xTrack FSM (Field Service Management)?

xTrack FSM is a software solution designed to facilitate and streamline the management of field services, including interventions to repair faults or defects (repairs to the public electricity network, telephone networks, relays, etc.). Designed to meet the coordination and monitoring requirements in a dynamic and constantly evolving environment, xTrack FSM helps to reduce costs, increase employee productivity, improve communication between managers and field team members, and make efficient use of all the available resources.

xTrack FSM is a cloud-based, SaaS-delivered, user-friendly application that allows you, as a manager, to have a clear, real-time view of the ecosystem of operations your firm is running off site. This way, you can intervene at any time to remedy any deficiencies found on the spot by the teams dispatched to the area. xTrack FSM provides visibility of operational activities, tracking of SLAs (Service Level Agreements), management of spare parts stocks, traceability of services, human resources (teams of technicians) and materials (transport vehicles, components, tools, etc.) used.

What features does Axes Software’s xTrack FSM have?

xTrack FSM features include activity planning and scheduling, real-time team and resource tracking, reporting and detailed analysis. This system allows you to monitor the performance and productivity of field teams, quickly identify and remedy potential problems, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Axes Software’s xTrack FSM application has complex functionalities, suitable for a wide range of field services (overhauls, repairs, maintenance work etc.), plus modules that allow its integration with other software solutions for other related activities, transport, distribution and delivery management (TMS and POD), inventory management (WMS), or integration with CRM, ERP systems (for customer relationship management and accounting of consumption, bonuses, etc.).

Staff involved in the use of the xTrack FSM application can use high-performance hardware equipment (tablets, laptops, smartphones, devices that provide communication by voice or text commands. Thus, employees that work off premises can receive tasks quickly, wherever they are, view the route to the location and report the activities that are carried out, specifying the relevant details (address, date, start and end time, people responsible, remedied problem, utilized spare parts and tools, vehicles used, confirmation of the completion of the operations, etc.). These paperless reports are automatically generated by Axes Software’s xTrack FSM. Among the functionalities of xTrack FSM, it is worth mentioning the field service monitoring and real-time reporting modules for both executive management and operational level coordinators and managers. The application offers a wide range of notifications and alerts, which can be customized and adapted to your company’s workflows. This provides each user with an activity-specific “dashboard” based on up-to-date information.

Benefits of using xTrack FSM for field services

The benefits of using xTrack FSM are manifold and they are reflected in both team performance and customer satisfaction. With this field service management application, you have integrated data at your fingertips. It helps you improve decision-making and operational processes. You may benefit from rigorous planning of field services, quickly resolve problems that arise and automate communication between back office and front office (field intervention teams).

By reducing coordination time and improving communication between team members, you will increase your business efficiency. In addition, by operating with real-time data, xTrack FSM makes it easier for you to make quick and informed decisions, which helps reduce operational costs. Its flexibility and scalability, as well as its ability to integrate with other applications in the xTrack LMS (Logistics Management Suite) and ensure quality customer service make xTrack FSM stand out. A major advantage is the adaptability of the xTrack FSM application to the specific needs of each company providing field services.


The Axes Software specialists are at your disposal with details about xTrack FSM, the field service management solution that has the potential to improve operational efficiency and generate significant savings. The xTrack FSM success is based on the thorough analysis of needs and processes, careful planning of its implementation steps, staff training and involvement and the system tailoring to your company’s specific needs.

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