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Reduction of transport costs on national and international routes through integrated logistics solutions

In the context of globalization of trade and transport, Romanian companies are trying to adapt to changes. In order to strengthen their market position and gain competitive advantages, a strategy […]


What should you do when choosing the right logistics software for your business needs?

Given the variety of solutions available on the market, choosing the right logistics software for your business is a complex task. Here’s how to make the best decision: by identifying […]


What are the benefits of integrating logistics applications with other systems such as CRM or ERP?

In a world where efficiency and process optimization are key to business success, integrating logistics applications with other systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) […]


Stock monitoring: efficient replenishment with dedicated software

In modern business, inventory tracking and efficient sourcing are essential components for success. Here’s a look at the features of effective inventory tracking software and how to choose the right […]


Types of warehouses  – characteristics, optimization of activities with a WMS

In the business world, choosing the right warehouse and implementing an effective management system are essential to success. For consistency in logistics, efficient warehouse management relies on WMS (Warehouse Management […]


Digitalization of inventory in warehouses

Gone are the days of traditionally managed warehouses. Now companies in various sectors are investing in Logistics 4.0, which is based on digital technologies, smart space organization and efficient workload […]


Warehouse receiving – processes, characteristics, optimization, automation with WMS

Warehouse organisation involves several steps, and the success of these activities crucially depends on how you manage the processes prior to the actual storage of goods. Here’s how to optimize […]


Warehouse delivery – procedures and optimization with WMS

There is a wide range of diverse approaches to how to organize a warehouse, based on functional and efficiency criteria. The logistics activities of picking (collecting items from the shelves) […]


What is putaway and how to optimize it with xTrack WMS

You coordinate a lot of logistics activities in your warehouse and you need to organise them efficiently in order to manage your business successfully. The online environment has increasingly become […]


Increasing employee productivity with supply chain management software solutions

An important goal for any company is to increase employee productivity. Managers focus on the “work smarter, not harder” principle and are looking for different ways to streamline the tasks […]


Logistics activities in warehouses: what each means and what you get if you digitize them

Many managers and specialists in different economic fields are interested in the way in which they should organize a warehouse to make work more efficient and increase profitability. Here’s a […]


Last mile delivery solutions – what they are and how they can be optimized

The xTrack TMS (Transport Management System) plays an important role among the software applications developed by Axes Software for the logistics sector because it provides effective solutions for efficient transport […]

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