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Last mile delivery solutions – what they are and how they can be optimized

The xTrack TMS (Transport Management System) plays an important role among the software applications developed by Axes Software for the logistics sector because it provides effective solutions for efficient transport […]


Route optimization – milk run method

Configuring the optimal vehicle route to ensure efficient deliveries is an important issue in the world of logistics. The methods commonly used in delivery systems are diverse, including the milk […]


What is a transport logistics management system?

In an interconnected technologized economy, mobility is increasingly important and companies that want to succeed in business need to manage their deliveries well. Here is what you can achieve by […]


Digitalization in logistics: What it is and how Logistics 4.0 works

The phenomenon of digitalization is influencing companies in all fields. Logistics is one of the sectors where software applications have brought about major transformations, with impressive results in terms of […]


What is picking? Picking methods in warehouses

We have discussed at length how to organise a warehouse efficiently, and one of the conclusions is that picking products from the shelves for delivery is one of the sticking […]


Picking errors. How do you avoid them?

In many economic sectors, the receipt of goods and their handling in warehouses is an important part of the supply chain and also a key point in the organization of […]


What is a YMS (Yard Management System)?

From a logistics point of view, the term yard refers to the intermediate “area” between warehousing and transport activities. Warehouse yard activities are an important link in the supply chain […]


RO e-Transport and xTrack ReT – automation of the transfer of data on the transport of goods in Romania

Tax regulations have created additional digital reporting obligations for those operating in freight logistics. In order to support companies that have to declare the transport of goods on Romanian territory, […]


Internal warehouse organization: Steps to follow

The internal organization of warehouses where raw materials, materials and finished goods are stored is one of the important activities in the area of production and distribution. For industrial enterprises, […]


Advantages of paperless picking

We have discussed at length how to organise a warehouse and what some of the pain points of this logistics activity are. We’ll detail how to manage the operation that […]


Make-to-Stock (MTS) and production management software solutions

More than ever, business needs added value and efficiency through customized software solutions and new technologies. Logistics 4.0, through the digitalization of the supply chain, highlights the importance of digitalization […]


xTrack WMS as SaaS application

The development of the xTrack WMS solution as a SaaS (Software as a Service) application through the project “Innovative platform for artificial intelligence management of work processes in factories and […]

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