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Make-to-Order (MTO) and production management software solutions

The organization of industrial activities is a key factor for success. This is why production management must be approached in a unified way by coordinating all resources and prioritizing activities […]


5 ways to make production more efficient

In all economic sectors there is a constant concern for efficiency gains. Here are some of the best ways to make production more efficient. By applying them, you will lay […]


4 Steps to streamline goods receipt and other warehouse activities

If you run a business in sectors such as industrial manufacturing, services or transport, you know how important stock management and goods distribution optimization are. And if you manage one […]


4 essential factors in production management

Efficiency in manufacturing companies is based on production management, a complex approach that includes the most important activities of planning, organization, management and control. The main objectives in production management […]


ABC Classes

Optimisation of logistics activities in warehouses can be achieved through a careful analysis of the rotation of goods. The  (raw materials, materials or finished goods) can be looked at from […]


xTrack WMS as web-based application

The Axes Software team has developed the web-based version of the xTrack WMS application by converting the original desktop architecture of the system within the project “Innovative platform for artificial […]


Load optimization with xTrack TMS

Vehicle load optimization is a feature of xTrack TMS that is primarily aimed at delivering the right products to customers in a timely manner, safely and efficiently, with as few […]


Inventory management: How do you take control of your business?

Supply chain management includes effective inventory management. Modern competitive logistics management services can be provided only by ensuring a functional balance between product variety and optimal stocktaking. What is inventory […]


Digitalization in SCM: Efficiency and flexibility

Digitalization in SCM ensures efficiency and flexibility in every segment of the supply chain.  Therefore, it is not surprising that today, the development and implementation of logistics software solutions is […]


Digitalization in logistics and environmental protection

Due to the emergence of new technologies, customers have higher expectations from the logistics industry. And digitalization is the solution for companies that want to stay profitable and maintain their […]


xTrack TMS optimization algorithm for warehouse network distribution

You get many benefits when you use an optimization algorithm for a warehouse network at the order distribution stage, specifically for the deliveries by carriers to your customers. Reducing transport […]


Internet of Things (IoT): What is it and how is it used in logistics?

In an increasingly automated world, where artificial intelligence and industrial robots have become an everyday presence in the activities of people and companies, a term that defines the communication paradigm […]

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