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Optimization of warehouse operations by automating workflows

Challenge Managing an increasingly diverse range of products stored in the warehouse because of  a growing need to accelerate the pace of deliveries of orders placed online by customers […]


Optimize distribution and streamline costs with xTrack TMS

If distribution is an important part of your company’s business, it’s natural to want to optimize your transport activities. You’re thinking primarily of reducing delivery costs, but also of making […]


What is TMS (Transport Management System) and what advantages does it offer?

Supply chain software solutions are nowadays more popular and appreciated than ever, thanks to the advantages they offer companies that cannot operate efficiently without logistics support in various business sectors. […]


xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS as cloud-based applications

Axes Software marks a milestone in its team’s work: full integration of xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS applications on cloud platforms. Always up to date with the latest technical developments, […]


What is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

The success of a business largely depends on effective supply chain management. From receipt to delivery, goods in the warehouse need to be managed using modern solutions that automate and […]


What is a POD (Proof of Delivery) system for tracking deliveries?

Axes Software has developed its own POD application for tracking deliveries, called xTrack POD, with co-funding from the European Social Fund through the Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020, within the framework […]


xTrack WMS deployment in two Mobexpert warehouses

Online shopping and xTrack WMSThe shift to online shoppingAutomation of warehouse operationsThe xTrack WMS solutionxTrack WMS integrationAutomated workflow in Mobexpert warehousesReplenishmentPickingChecking and splittingAWB label printingConsolidationLoadingBenefits of xTrack WMSIncreased profit by […]


xTrack PMS – Returnable Packaging Management

Have you ever lost returnable packaging, such as wooden pallets, during logistics activities? In a large company, thousands of lost pallets in a year – which is not exactly a […]


xTrack TMS  for freight forwarders – Automation of services

TMS (Transport Management System) applications are software solutions for the automated management of freight shipments, from the moment the goods leave the warehouse until they are received by the consignee. […]


xTrack Gallery, the digital repository for logistics software

Axes Software has created its specialized repository of labels and reports. Technically, this repository is a digital “warehouse” which stores “programming components” that can be used primarily by Axes Software […]


Management of online and offline store warehouses and inventory with xTrack WMS

With the xTrack WMS warehouse and inventory management system, companies in various industries can benefit from automated management of the flow of goods and services in the warehousing component of […]


Automation of production workflows: Execution status

A hot topic in all the economic sectors is the automation of activities and data flows, both at the organizational and execution stages. Here’s a closer look at what automation […]

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