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Axes Software has created its specialized repository of labels and reports. Technically, this repository is a digital “warehouse” which stores “programming components” that can be used primarily by Axes Software developers and implementers.  It can also be used by Axes Software’s clients’ programmers.

The direct benefit is a reduction in the time it takes us to deploy and integrate our MES, WMS or TMS applications in our clients’ software systems, as resources developed for one project can be used for other projects as well.

The label and report repository was created as a result of co-funding from the European Social Fund through the Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020, in the framework of Axes Software’s proposed project “Innovative platform for artificial intelligence management of work processes in factories and warehouses“, which was approved early this year.

What is this digital repository of labels and reports?

The repository is structured as a web application, called xTrack Gallery. This digital repository of labels and reports can be accessed by users anytime and anywhere, provided they have an Internet connection. The library is stored in the cloud, on the Microsoft Azure platform and Windows Axes Software server.

xTrack Gallery is a CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) application; it is flexible and easy to use.

xTrack Gallery digital repository modules

xTrack Gallery keeps track of both stored items and all actions performed by the application users.

To fulfil this dual purpose, the application has been designed to manage:

The information is stored in several directories, such as:

Access rights in xTrack Gallery

Access to the application is granted based on a username and a password, which only registered users can receive. Each user can have one of the following access levels: administrator, developer or client.

The administrator role belongs to a person who has the right to:

Developers have partial rights, having control over their own activities, so they can:

The “client” users only have the right to download items from the gallery: reports and labels, if they receive the system administrator’s approval.

Benefits of xTrack Gallery

The most important benefit of having a repository of this kind is the reduction of the implementation time of our projects or developments requested later by clients. Speeding up the project implementation has a positive impact not only on the work of our developers and implementers, but also on the work of our clients. They can benefit from the advantages of automation through MES, WMS or TMS applications in a shorter period of time.

Axes Software’s reduced implementation time occurs because label or report elements stored in the xTrack Gallery digital repository no longer have to be created from scratch each time they are needed. Our programmers retrieve them from the repository in an intermediate form that allows them to be customized and even combined at a later date, so that the final product meets the specific needs imposed by each client’s workflow.

Furthermore, programmers employed by client companies can access our library. They can therefore select and use other types of reports or labels if they wish to modify or replace the variants originally provided. Their direct access to these elements in the xTrack Gallery ensures increased flexibility and improved usability for any application bearing the Axes Software signature.

22 October 2020

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