How has Axes Software helped Agrisol International?
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How has Axes Software helped Agrisol International?

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Agrisol International Group owns poultry and pig farms, slaughterhouses, a compound feed production facility and markets meat products through its own network of stores which currently includes 87 retail and sales units in Romania. Agrisol also exports its products to France, Germany, Belgium, the UK, Macedonia, Greece and Liberia.

The logistical challenges in the food industry are numerous. The most important one is to provide full traceability of products until delivery to consumers. For this reason, Agrisol opted to implement xTrack MES and xTrack WMS at its slaughterhouse in Boldești-Scăieni, Prahova.

The integration of these applications into the existing IT system allows for, among other things, the constant monitoring of production stages, the recording of information related to the quantities of raw materials entering each production line and the quantities resulting after processing, the reduction of the time needed to record data as well as the automatic processing of the collected information.

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