How has Axes Software helped AQUA Carpatica?
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How has Axes Software helped AQUA Carpatica?

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Carpathian Springs, which owns AQUA Carpatica , its best-known brand, was founded in 2000 by Jean Valvis, creator of the Dorna and LaDorna brands.

Carpathian Springs soon became one of the most important producers of carbonated and flat water in Romania, increasing its popularity and market share by promoting and certifying the quality of bottled mineral water in the factory near Vatra Dornei.

The need to efficiently manage its own warehouse in order to increase production and to ensure the quality of bottled water has led to the implementation of a complex xTrack WMS solution which mainly performs labeling at item and batch level, monitoring water quality by placing non-compliant batches in quarantine, the optimization of the activities in the factory warehouse with the highlighting of the traceability and the coordination of the loads in the truck respecting the principle of superposability.

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