How has Axes Software helped Klaussenburg Recycling GmbH?
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How has Axes Software helped Klaussenburg Recycling GmbH?

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Klaussenburg Recycling GmbH is a company which was founded in 2012 and has operated in the market of integrated collection and recovery of recyclable waste services ever since.

Having some of the most modern waste collection and processing equipment at its disposal, Klaussenburg Recycling GmbH provides waste collection services using its own fleet of trucks. After collection, the waste is transported to the Glina depot for reception and compressed into bales to minimise the storage space required.

In order to track two categories of waste: recyclable (paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, glass, iron and aluminium) and non-recyclable, Klaussenburg Recycling GmbH has opted for the customised xTrack WMS system implemented by Axes Software. Using this software application, which automates the data flow of work processes according to well-defined parameters, the company can also have a clear overview of the stocks (quantities) of recyclable (recoverable) waste by material category (paper, cardboard, etc.) and non-recyclable waste. In addition, documents such as Annex 3 or delivery notes are automatically generated based on pre-defined templates, which simplifies and facilitates the work of the Klaussenburg Recycling GmbH employees.

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