How has Axes Software helped Orshar International?
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How has Axes Software helped Orshar International?

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Orshar International is a company with foreign capital that has as field of activity the storage of products with thermal regime, having freezing / refrigeration rooms with temperatures that vary between -25 and +8 degrees ° C. The company is part of the “ORSHAR BONDED WAREHOUSES” group in Israel, which provides logistics, distribution and warehousing services.

In Romania, the company has a warehouse of refrigerated products in which the goods are managed for different partners. Working with low temperatures and perishable products involved setting up an xTrack WMS application that took into account the grouping of as many tasks (tasks) according to the storage rooms so as to avoid the permanent or frequent opening of access gates in these spaces. The grouping of goods by categories, batches, temperature and storage location is one of the criteria used by the system when automating the execution of processes at the warehouse level. The allocation of tasks also takes into account the activity assigned to each worker. The picking process can be performed in several stages, depending on the persons designated to work in different rooms. This ensures a smooth flow of tasks, which does not endanger the quality of goods.

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