How has Axes Software helped Premier Com?
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How has Axes Software helped Premier Com?

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Premier Com is a company with private capital, founded in 1994, importing and marketing mainly tiles and bathroom furnishings (furniture and bathroom accessories, tubs and shower trays) from various countries : Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Portugal and China.

Since its establishment, Premier Com has continuously diversified its activities and product range. At present, it has a logistics base with the main warehouse with an area of ​​70,000 square meters and a permanent stock of over 2,000 types and over 500 complete series of tiles. For an efficient development of logistical activities, the company also has a transport base (40 tractors and 10 forklifts).

Given the need to effectively monitor the operations carried out in its own warehouse and to respond efficiently to orders received, Premier Com uses xTrack WMS. Also, in order to have control over the transport and delivery activities, the company opted for two more solutions from the Axes Software portfolio: xTrack TMS and xTrack POD.

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