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MES for Furniture Industry

Finished furniture products involve a number of components for whose manufacturing there are separate workflows. xTrack MES solves the challenges of planning and monitoring technological operations to optimize activities and reduce material consumption.

MES for Furniture Industry
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What are the benefits of a MES solution pentru Furniture Industry?

It manages component items

 by colour batches of finishes in stock.

It interfaces with processing machinery,

allowing rapid collection of necessary data.

It facilitates production release

because it allows scanning of documents.

It prioritises technological operations

 according to the order delivery dates.

Solution description

The most important characteristic of furniture production workflows is that a finished product is delivered to the end customer in several parcels. Therefore, one production order for a finished item turns into several production orders for each of its components.

There can also be production orders for the same components at the same time, and xTrack MES can group them into master production orders for easier traceability. There is also the option to declare production and consumption randomly by different production stages, especially for the preparation stage of textiles where applicable.

To facilitate work in the factory, the persons involved receive production receipts on which certain data are pre-filled, including in barcode format, so that data can be entered into the application more quickly and without errors.

Production release can be done off-premise as well, by operators on a tablet, or by a manager, even on a PC, by scanning production receipts.


  • Automatic generation of Make To Order (MTO) and Make To Stock (MTS) orders
  • Grouping of MTO and MTS production orders into master orders
  • Supply of production raw materials according to colour batches
  • Easy declaration of production by barcode scanning
  • Marking of products by colour shade batches

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