MES for Heavy Industry

The manufacturing leftovers are categorised into Scrap and Rework for a more accurate consumption management per production order.

MES for Heavy Industry
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What are the benefits of a MES solution for Heavy Industry?

It reduces material consumption

by reintroducing Rework scrap into the workflows.

It may be interfaced with machinery

in order to automate production workflows.

It calculates raw material stocks

based on consumption recorded during production.

It facilitates calculation of manufacturing costs,

accurately, for each completed production order.

Solution description

In heavy industry, costs are very high, from raw materials, utilities consumed (electricity, water) to machinery. Staff are also highly specialised and hard to find.

Nowadays, machine operators have to declare what they have processed, when, what machine they used and much more. Ideally, the data should be processed as quickly as possible and collected in the system for real-time, error-free traceability.

Axes Software’s xTrack MES application is the perfect solution for collecting this data efficiently. Where possible, some data is collected automatically from machines, others are reported by operators on tablets or handheld mobile computers.

The system we implement reduces operating times, reduces errors and efficiently measures the activity of each operator and machine. Scraps can be highlighted along the workflow to simplify recycling, and Reworks can be reused to lower overall costs, through simple in-app actions inside the production facility near the machines.


  • Production order planning
  • Generation of MTO (Make to Order) production orders
  • Pallet-level management of goods with customer order features
  • Scrap and Rework management
  • Activity reports per person

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