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MES for Thermal Insulating Joinery Industry

xTrack MES solves the challenge due to the dynamics of manufacturing recipes, which is very high due to different formats, frame sections, glass types and sizes.

MES for Thermal Insulating Joinery Industry
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What are the benefits of a MES solution for Thermal Insulating Joinery Industry?

It automatically generates production recipes

 for each window by merging multiple recipes.

It groups multiple production orders

according to the type and colour of the selected frame.

It uses materials more efficiently

considering the length of frame bars in stock.

It optimises raw material consumption,

reducing overall manufacturing costs.

Solution description

A window differs from room to room, from client to client. That’s why the window manufacturing industry requires increased flexibility in generating and executing production orders.

Within xTrack MES, production recipes are defined for each component of a window, sash, frame, jamb, etc. Upon receiving the characteristics of a window to be produced for a particular customer, the application generates a production order using the recipes for each component.

Production orders are grouped according to the specifics of the raw materials and launched simultaneously to optimize cutting operations, working time and, above all, frame consumption. Production execution is streamlined by scanning the labels generated by the application for each component.

The labels are suggestive, including printed technical drawings to streamline production. Throughout the production workflow, operators scan the processed frames, thus monitoring the degree of order completion and operator efficiency on the production lines.

We are referring here to both the glass cutting and profile cutting stages, which can take place in the same factory or in separate factories.


  • Management of glass and window frame production
  • Automatic generation of production orders for any one-off or series item
  • Fast production release by scanning bar codes on frames or glass
  • Delivery of finished products with labels containing all the necessary delivery information
  • Production scheduling, ensuring predictable deliveries

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