PMS for Retail

Retailers receive a large quantity of pallets from suppliers. Managing these quantities can become a huge challenge, which is solved with xTrack PMS.

PMS for Retail
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What are the benefits of a PMS solution for Retail?

It ensures stock management of returnable packaging

so retailers know at all times how many, where and to whom to return them.

It eliminates expenses related to non-return of received packaging

as returning or issuing vouchers relieves retailers of covering their costs.

It allows keeping an accurate record of vouchers issued

so that the packaging is returned accordingly before the specified expiry dates.

It helps improve the relationship between retailers and suppliers,

as a better collaboration related to the return of packaging is established.

Solution description

Shops or retailers handle very large quantities of returnable pallets and packaging that come from suppliers. Each supplier wants to get back the packaging in the quantity and quality confirmed on receipt of the products. All these basic needs make it very complicated to manage packaging quantities, especially pallets.

The most important functionality is related to the issuance of voucher documents for each consignment received, specifying the types of packaging received, the quantities received and their quality. The packaging receipt process becomes very simple and should be carried out at the same time as the WMS goods receiving one. Until the voucher expires the goods are available for return, which is done by identifying the voucher. The application specifies the number of packages to be returned, per type and allows the return of several vouchers simultaneously.

An additional service that can be offered to suppliers is the consolidation of vouchers from several warehouses into one to reduce reverse logistics costs.


  • Issuance of supporting documents (vouchers)
  • Virtual exchange of pallets between working points
  • Web platform for suppliers 
  • RFID identifiable packaging management

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