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POD for Couriers

Revolutionise distribution with xTrack POD: maximum efficiency and electronic confirmations for courier companies.

POD for Couriers
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What are the benefits of a POD solution for Couriers?

It automates complex workflows,

with parameters defined according to requirements.

It enables digitalization of cash collection

and issuance of receipts when parcels are delivered. 

It estimates delivery times of goods

that need to be shipped to recipients on scheduled routes.

It provides database storage of pictures

showing parcels delivered by couriers.

Solution description

xTrack POD is the leading software solution for courier companies. With electronic confirmation and real-time tracking functions, xTrack POD optimises the distribution process, eliminating physical documents and associated errors. Communicate efficiently with customers through real-time electronic notifications and confirmations. Easy integration with existing systems enables rapid deployment. Secure digital archiving ensures access to documents and electronic confirmations in a protected environment.

Automation and increased efficiency improve customer satisfaction and courier competitiveness. xTrack POD ofers streamlined workflows, complete visibility of deliveries and full control over the distribution process, enhancing the reputation and performance of your courier business.


  • Electronic confirmations: xTrack POD allows courier companies to replace physical documents with electronic delivery confirmations, reducing errors and expenses associated with paper management. 
  • Real-time monitoring: With xTrack POD, courier companies can monitor deliveries in real-time, with a complete up-to-date picture of the status of each shipment.
  • Efficient communication with customers: xTrack POD facilitates direct communication with customers through delivery notifications and electronic confirmations, giving them transparency and confidence in the distribution process.
  • Customer satisfaction improvement: Through electronic confirmations, real-time tracking and effective communication, xTrack POD helps improve customer satisfaction by providing transparency, up-to-date information and a more positive overall experience in the delivery process.
  • Operational efficiency optimization: xTrack POD helps courier companies optimize their operations, reducing the time and effort required to process and manage deliveries, leading to increased efficiency in distribution activities.

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