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POD for Distribution

Streamline distribution with xTrack POD: electronic confirmations, real-time monitoring, full automation.

POD for Distribution
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What are the benefits of a POD solution for Distribution?

It coordinates deliveries and gives drivers access

 to to the data needed to make the trips.

It contributes to an increase in driver productivity

as it guides them while doing the activities they need to complete.

It eliminates unwanted freight returns

caused by deliveries to the wrong address.

It allows real-time tracking of delivery status

by users’ confirming completed activities on the route.

Solution description

xTrack POD is the advanced software solution managing distribution, that brings efficiency and visibility to the proof of delivery process.

With xTrack POD, you can fully automate the proof of delivery process, replacing physical documents with electronic confirmations. Monitor shipments in real time and get up-to-date information on the status of each delivery. Communicate efficiently with customers by providing real-time delivery notifications and electronic confirmations. Easy integration with transportation management and ERP systems makes it easy to deploy the solution in any distribution business. xTrack POD provides secure digital archiving, eliminating the risk of lost or damaged physical documents. Benefit from automation, reduced errors, improved workflow and increased customer satisfaction.

Using xTrack POD, you streamline your distribution process and make sure every delivery reaches its destination accurately and on time.


  • Electronic confirmations: xTrack POD allows physical documents to be replaced with electronic delivery confirmations, eliminating the need for paper and reducing associated human errors.
  • Real-time monitoring: Using xTrack POD, you can track shipments in real-time and get real-time updates on the status of each delivery.
  • Efficient communication: The xTrack POD solution facilitates direct communication between you and your customers, providing real-time electronic delivery notifications and confirmations, leading to better collaboration and transparency in the distribution process.
  • Flexible integration: xTrack POD integrates easily into existing transport management or ERP systems, allowing you to tailor the solution to your specific needs and infrastructure.
  • Secure digital archiving: All electronic documents and confirmations are securely stored in a digital environment, giving you quick and easy access to delivery history and records, eliminating the risk of physical documents being lost or damaged.

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