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The Axes Software team has achieved two other objectives of the project “Innovative platform for artificial intelligence management of work processes in factories and warehouses” (code 129490) , for which it received funding from the European Social Fund through the Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020: the cloud integration of  the xTrack LMS (Logistics Management Suite) software solutions and the creation of the web-based version of the xTrack WMS application.

Hosting and using applications in the cloud has gained momentum because of the associated benefits both among software solution providers and their customers. Also, the ease with which web-based applications can be used by individual and institutional customers has led to their widespread use.

In this context of accelerated development and spread of new technologies, it has become essential to have logistics software solutions ported, to integrate them into the cloud and tailor them to the needs of users who want to achieve maximum benefits and increased operating performance with minimum effort.

Cloud integration of applications from the xTrack LMS suite

All applications in the xTrack LMS suite (xTrack WMS, xTrack TMS, xTrack POD, xTrack FIN, xTrack YMS) have been developed so that they can be easily integrated into the cloud. The Axes Software applications that have so far been effectively integrated on cloud platforms are xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS. Both software solutions have been designed with a view to optimizing warehouse and transport logistics.

Axes Software uses the Azure cloud services, created in 2008 and later developed by Microsoft. Azure provides flexibility in the choice of IT solutions, as it is compatible with any operating system, a range of programming languages or database systems.

Currently, xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS can run on both physical servers and cloud platforms. Therefore, they can communicate with customer workstations (in the Back Office) and intelligent terminals (Front Office). In the case of xTrack WMS, for example, the application can be connected to equipment used in the warehouse (printers, conveyors, scales, etc.) and integrated with other logistics support IT systems (ERP, TMS, websites, courier platforms).

Benefits of xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS cloud integration

The integration has a number of important benefits for xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS users, as they can enjoy the advantages of transferring these logistics software solutions to the cloud or deploying them directly in the cloud.


The only element restricting users’ ability to use cloud services is the lack of an Internet connection. But if the connection is there, they can use any device to access the applications in the xTrack suite as well as data stored in the cloud at any time and from any location.

Reduced costs

Replacing local physical servers with external virtual servers leads to a significant reduction in the operating costs as:

are largely eliminated.

Scalability and stability

Cloud-integrated xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS applications retain all their original functionalities, but have additional benefits in terms of scalability, stability and operational reliability.

Depending on the requirements of the client companies, new functionalities can be added to the application and the number of digitized processes or users can increase exponentially without it having a negative impact on data processing speed as storage space is not limited.

The cloud environment provides the application with operational stability because the replacement of local physical servers resulting from the application’s integration eliminates the risk of data loss due to technical failures, and data and operational security is enhanced.

Web-based version of xTrack WMS

Cloud integration has also enabled the creation of web-based versions of xTrack FIN (a software solution for calculating trip profitability, which is integrated into the more complex xTrack TMS system) and xTrack WMS, which has been realized by adapting its original desktop architecture.

Of these, the web-based version of the corresponding xTrack WMS is of much greater importance due to its complexity and usefulness. The WMS solution is a Warehouse Management System, created by the Axes Software team, through which companies can manage, monitor and improve their daily warehouse activities.

The application digitizes data flows related to warehouse activities and streamlines work processes. Data capture devices can be used in parallel with the application to which they can be ‘plugged in’. The integrated use of the software solution with the equipment utilized in the warehouse substantially reduces the effort required to keep the stock status up to date, ensures traceability of operations and optimizes processes.

Now, by converting its desktop structure, the classic benefits of the WMS system are complemented by the specific benefits of web-based applications.

Benefits of the web-based version of xTrack WMS

The benefits of the new xTrack WMS version can be identified starting from the basic operational features of web-based software,. These show the simplification of the way the application is ‘operated’ and complete the list of benefits resulting from the optimization of warehouse operations.

Unrestricted access

The use of the web-based version is not restricted by the type of device used to access the application or its operating system (Windows, Mac, Android). Members of any user team are therefore free to use the devices they have and want to use in their professional activities: the application runs in the same way regardless of their devices and operating systems.

There is, of course, one standard condition that must be met – an internet connection.

No installation required

Like any web-based application, the new version of xTrack WMS does not require installation on the device on which it runs. All a user needs to do is log in to the application via the web browser they normally use or choose for this purpose.

In this way, the resources (storage space, operating memory)  needed to run the application on a computer or any other mobile device are reduced. The resources that are used to a much greater extent are those of the server with which xTrack WMS communicates.

Automatic maintenance

Updates to the web-based xTrack WMS version are made directly on the server and are automatically sent to all users of the application. This means that each user is using the same version that the other team members are using at the same time, and the application is automatically updated the first time it is accessed after an upgrade. This also eliminates compatibility issues that invariably arise if team members use different versions (updated or not) of the application.

The cloud integration of Axes Software (xTrack WMS and xTrack TMS) and our team’s development of its first web-based version of an application (xTrack WMS) enables us to offer you a more diverse range of easy-to-use software products with user-friendly interfaces that do not require a long learning curve.

Web-based applications and those running on cloud platforms are frequently used by companies running warehousing or transportation logistics activities because they provide simple and fast ways to organize and streamline operations in order to increase employee productivity, reduce costs and maximize profit.


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