TMS for Carriers

Transform transportation management with xTrack TMS – the innovative software solution for carriers, optimizing the efficiency and profitability of your business.

TMS for Carriers
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What are the benefits of a TMS solution for Carriers?

It reduces the time needed to schedule trips

by automatically processing data stored in the application.

It minimizes the number of empty runs

thanks to its load optimisation algorithm.

It minimises transport and maintenance costs

by optimizing transport routes and vehicle loading.

It helps increase driver productivity

by optimizing routes and access to necessary data (route, destination).

Solution description

xTrack TMS is the advanced software solution dedicated to carriers, providing a complete platform for efficient transportation operations management and a powerful fleet management component.

Through its fleet management functionalities, xTrack TMS enables carriers to efficiently monitor and manage their entire fleet of vehicles. With features such as optimal route planning, real-time vehicle monitoring and simplified collaboration with customers and partners, xTrack TMS optimises workflows and increases operational efficiency. Resource management, including optimal allocation of vehicles and drivers, helps reduce costs and maximize utilization. xTrack TMS also offers advanced reporting and analytics, providing carriers with essential information for informed decision-making and continuous performance improvement.

With xTrack TMS, carriers benefit from an innovative solution that improves efficiency, reduces downtime and strengthens competitiveness in the transportation industry.


  • Efficient planning and optimization of transport routes, taking into account distance, estimated time and road restrictions
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles and deliveries, providing complete visibility of transport status and the ability to promptly manage unforeseen events
  • Efficient collaboration with customers and business partners through fast and secure information exchange, simplifying communication and optimizing workflows
  • Advanced fleet management, including vehicle condition monitoring, scheduling and managing overhauls and repairs, as well as monitoring fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Detailed reporting and analysis, providing essential information for strategic decision making, identifying weaknesses and improving the operational performance of the transport fleet

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