TMS for Distribution

xTrack TMS has been developed to efficiently manage transportation and distribution, providing clear visibility into routes and operations for each carrier.

TMS for Distribution
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What are the benefits of a TMS solution for Distribution?

It helps managers schedule trips,

centralizing and processing the necessary data.

It reduces the number of empty runs

because it optimizes the loading process.

It minimises transport costs of scheduled trips

by identifying the most suitable routes.

It ensures compliance with delivery times

by accurately estimating the time needed to cover distances.

Solution description

xTrack TMS is an advanced transportation and distribution management software solution designed to streamline logistics operations and provide complete visibility across the entire supply chain. With xTrack TMS, you can plan and optimize transport routes, taking into account criteria such as distance, estimated time and road restrictions. Our platform allows you to monitor every vehicle and delivery in real time, giving you up-to-date information on the status of shipments and the ability to intervene promptly in case of unforeseen situations.

xTrack TMS facilitates efficient collaboration with transport partners and suppliers, enabling fast and secure information exchange. Our software solution also helps you manage and optimize resource utilization, ensuring efficient vehicle allocation and reducing operational costs.

With xTrack TMS, you’ll benefit from advanced reporting and analytics functionality that will give you a deep understanding of logistics performance and facilitate informed strategic decision-making. Regardless of the size or complexity of your distribution operations, xTrack TMS gives you the tools you need to improve efficiency, reduce transit time, and meet customer requirements quickly and reliably.


  • Management and optimization of resources, ensuring efficient vehicle allocation and reducing operational costs
  • Advanced reporting and analytics functionality, providing detailed information for an in-depth understanding of logistics performance and informed strategic decision-making
  • Planning and optimization of transport routes, taking into account distance, estimated time and road restrictions
  • Automation of key processes, such as automated generation of transport documents, shipment scheduling and billing management, to reduce errors and improve operational efficiency

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