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TMS for Freight Forwarders

Optimize transportation operations with xTrack TMS – the innovative software solution for freight forwarders, maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

TMS for Freight Forwarders
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What are the benefits of a TMS solution for Freight Forwarders?

It quickly calculate transport costs

based on price lists negotiated with each carrier.

It allows real-time tracking

of trips by forwarders’ customers via Track and Trace module.

It reduces transport costs

by grouping goods from several shippers on the same trip.

It helps identify corrective actions

based on the analysis of KPIs (KPI Dashboard).

Solution description

xTrack TMS is the complete and advanced software solution for freight forwarders, offering key functionalities for optimizing logistics operations. This includes efficient route planning and load optimization, real-time shipment and inventory monitoring, easy collaboration with partners and suppliers, vehicle fleet management and advanced analytical reporting.

With xTrack TMS, freight forwarders can minimize transportation costs, optimize resource utilization, reduce delivery times and improve customer satisfaction. The platform provides complete visibility and control over logistics operations, streamlining workflows, facilitating communication and providing strategic information for decision making.

xTrack TMS is the perfect partner for forwarders looking to streamline their operations and gain a competitive advantage in the logistics industry.


  • Efficient route planning and load optimization to minimize costs and maximize resource utilization
  • Real-time monitoring of shipments and inventories, providing complete visibility and prompt management of unforeseen events
  • Document management and logistics documentation functionality, ensuring accurate and accessible record keeping of all relevant information in real time
  • Integration with external systems and business partners, facilitating automatic data exchange and synchronization of information for more efficient and seamless collaboration
  • Detailed reporting and analysis, providing essential information for strategic decision making, identifying weaknesses and improving the operational performance of the transport fleet

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