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WMS for 3PL / Fulfillment

xTrack WMS has been created to manage the goods of multiple cargo owners in the same warehouse, clearly highlighting stocks and operations for each customer.

WMS for 3PL / Fulfillment
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What are the benefits of a WMS solution for 3PL / Fulfillment?

It synchronises all operations

between 3PL providers and their customers.

It improves 3PL provider-customer cooperation,

ensuring secure and restricted access to data on inventory.

It reduces costs and eliminates errors

that can occur in communication processes.

It gives customers of 3PL providers

 access to logistics reports and dashboards.

Solution description

Fullfilment and 3PL are two operationally different types of business. From an xTrack WMS point of view, the principles are the same, only the workflows need to be configured differently. In this way, our WMS application can manage both fullfilment and 3PL flows in the same project.

For all of these workflows, the individual stocks of the cargo owners, the locations or areas in the warehouse where they are stored and, most importantly, the specific flows defined at each customer level are taken into account.

xTrack WMS also includes a very flexible EDI (Electronical Data Interchange) interface module that can be configured in different mods, technologies and communication structures, and there is a WEB portal for the customer (the cargo owner) to view different reports and even upload or download different data such as reports or orders.

The most important for the warehouse operator, however, is the invoicing module for the services provided to customers. Thus, xTrack WMS automatically communicates with the xTrack FIN module for automatic generation of invoices.

3PL Portal Functionalities

  • Reporting: stock, order status
  • Items nomenclature management
  • Order editing and upload from Excel files
  • User level rights for each customer
  • Download of reports and lists in Excel, XML, text formats

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