WMS for Distribution

Distribution brings certain challenges that xTrack WMS easily solves, from the complex integration with ERP applications to the implementation of customized workflows for each recipient.

WMS for Distribution
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What are the benefits of a WMS solution for Distribution?

It manages the warehouses in a network,

regardless of their type or size (central, local or regional warehouses, etc.).

It ensures traceability of products in the distribution network

in terms of batches and unique numerical series.

It manages internal transfers, stocks and returns,

 also reporting the status of orders in progress in real time.

It provides support to decision-making managers

through analysis, reporting, monitoring, performance indicators (KPIs).

Solution description

When we talk about distribution, we mean all sectors: e.g. FMCG, pharma, electronics, fashion, auto parts, building materials. Projects implemented in all these areas have shown that xTrack WMS has a very high flexibility in meeting all specific requirements coming from our customers.

In all cases, the order processing time is the most important and, to reduce it, we recommend and design the implementation of workflows so that the human decision is minimal. This greatly reduces task execution times and maximizes the efficiency of warehouse operators. Using xTrack WMS, we automate operations across all workflows in customer warehouses, reducing order processing times and costs.

Lower logistics costs are not only the result of increased efficiency in the warehouse, but also of increased customer satisfaction, elimination of delivery errors and paperwork, minimization of transport costs through integration with xTrack TMS, and reduced operating times in other applications such as ERP, etc.


  • Wave & Batch picking
  • Flexible ERP integration
  • Order validation/check with mobile computers or PC application
  • Configurable workflows (receiving, AP, replenishment, delivery, verification, etc.)
  • Automatic document generation

Over 250 successful software deployments

Our customers come from various sectors of activity that have a common denominator: the need for logistics software solutions.

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