WMS for e-Commerce

Online shopping can be challenging because of the large number of orders that need to be processed. xTrack WMS automations and the implementation of specific algorithms help online businesses achieve maximum efficiency.

WMS for e-Commerce
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What are the benefits of a WMS solution for e-Commerce?

It requires a very short learning time,

being a user-friendly application for warehouse operators.

It completely automates work processes

in warehouses of companies operating online shops.

It optimizes warehouse activities,

leading to more than 30% increase in efficiency.

It reduces the order lead times

through integrated workflow management.

Solution description

Online shops receive a large number of orders that need to be delivered in a very short time. Using xTrack WMS, our customers are able to prepare an order within 30 minutes of it being placed on the website. To prepare the goods for delivery, the following steps are taken: picking (wave, batch or combined picking), checking and packing. An additional step is the consolidation of the parcels obtained with AWBs automatically generated by the system on the trolleys of each courier.

Another challenge is the volume of returns, which can be quite high in some areas. The speed with which returns are processed is very important for the customer, especially if payment has been made for the order in question. xTrack WMS, through the functionalities it provides to users, helps to process returns as soon as they have been received from customers.

Many warehouses use automation to reduce travel time. xTrack WMS integrates with equipment that takes over certain tasks from people, increasing efficiency in the warehouse.


  • Order processing optimization
  • Automatic task generation
  • Courier systems integration
  • Customer returns management
  • Stocktaking

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