WMS for Pharma

In pharmaceutical warehouses there are a lot of legislative restrictions that greatly complicate the flows. xTrack WMS automates all these processes successfully.

WMS for Pharma
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What are the benefits of a WMS solution for Pharma?

It ensures quality control

at the reception stage of pharmaceutical products.

It checks serial numbers

 to establish the authenticity and identification of medicines.

It allows controlled access

to areas with storage restrictions (temperature-controlled areas).

It ensures traceability

 of products and operations from receiving to leaving the warehouse.

Solution description

xTrack WMS is the perfect solution for pharmaceutical warehouses. The very high level of process automation that our solution provides to our customers ensures complete product traceability from receiving in the warehouse to delivery. We can say that traceability starts right from the truck, with the unloading verification activity, when temperature-related data during transport is saved.

During receiving, the user is guided by the application on what to do, what to receive, how to sort the goods according to different storage, quality, serial verification criteria, etc. This results in an increase in receiving efficiency by more than 50%, which ensures a much shorter delivery time for items that need to be delivered urgently.

Storage, whether on pallet racking or in the picking area, is efficient in terms of making goods ready for delivery. Picking is followed by checking and packing items by category. The two processes are 100% automated, and there is also a quick and easy sorting process to consolidate the goods on the transport routes.


  • Quality module at receiving
  • Integration with the national or European system for the verification of medicinal products
  • Workflows configured for each item category 
  • Full traceability from receiving to delivery
  • Rules defined at user level

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