WMS for Production

xTrack WMS is the ideal product flow management application for factory warehouses (raw materials and materials, semi-finished and finished goods warehouses).

WMS for Production
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What are the benefits of a WMS solution for Production?

It forecasts, integrated with MES, the dates of each delivery

based on the availability of material stocks and lead times.

It manages stocks of raw materials and finished products

at batch level, collecting and processing data related to production activities.

It automatically issues quality and conformity documents

required for the certification and delivery of the resulting finished products.

It ensures, with MES, automatic production feeding,

calculating consumption and determining material requirements.

Solution description

In factory warehouses there are specific workflows during which materials are processed through production stages. xTrack WMS manages these items both when they are received as raw materials, as intermediate products in the production flow or as finished products. Easy integration with xTrack MES, brings additional functionalities so as to ensure complete traceability. When it comes to raw materials it is important to know what has been consumed, from which batches, in which quantities and for which production order.

Factory-specific processes are automated with the xTrack WMS application, using mobile computers and barcode labels to identify items in the warehouse. As goods may be produced for stock (MTS) or, more often than not, for customer orders (MTO), tracking them at order and customer-order line level is very important. This identification has the advantage that products destined for some customers will not be delivered to other customers and that order delivery deadlines will be met.


  • Management of stocks of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products
  • ERP production orders become receiving- and consumption-related documents
  • Reservation of finished products per customer order lines
  • Batch and pallet quarantine by integrating CTC (QA) mode
  • Stock reporting at customer order level

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