WMS for Retail

The flexibility and adaptability of the xTrack WMS application has allowed us to meet the needs in the store where specific challenges such as inventory arise.

WMS for Retail
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What are the benefits of a WMS solution for Retail?

It monitors the changes in stock levels

for replenishment purposes.

It accurately records inventory

to control replenishment.

It minimizes storage costs of products

by optimizing stocks.

It reduces time needed for products

 to reach shelves.

Solution description

Product availability is an important criterion when choosing a store. The customer’s shopping experience is very important, and you need to make sure the merchandise they want is on the shelf if you want to maximize it.

The biggest challenge in a store is stock. With a WMS you know what you have brought to the shelf, but you cannot know what you have taken off the shelf. Before we could integrate costly video recognition solutions of products and quantities on the shelf with our customers, we found innovative formulas or algorithms to pick items from the store to fulfil online orders or replenish shelves with merchandise.

xTrack WMS manages operators in a store by assigning tasks to specific people for different activities. By integrating this software solution with other existing systems and cash registers, a certain sales trend which can generate shelf check tasks for department managers can be detected. They can confirm a stock, and the system generates replenishment tasks.


  • Management of store operators
  • Picking from store for online orders
  • Gray store and dark store management
  • Integration with cash registers or video recognition systems

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