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YMS – Yard management system

It has happened to our customers:

  • Synchronization of warehouse yard activities
  • Optimization of loading and unloading processes
  • Quick response to unforeseen situations
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What are the benefits of a YMS solution?

xTrack YMS  – Yard management software

Yard traffic streamlining
Less time spent in the yard
Increased labour productivity
Reduction of human errors
No overlapped dock schedules
Traceability of operations
Parking space optimization
Faster communication with carriers

Choose the type of business you need YMS for

 YMS for 3PL

YMS for 3PL

xTrack YMS schedules all loading and unloading activities for each customer of the 3PL service providers and controls the movements of transport vehicles.

 YMS for Distribution

YMS for Distribution

xTrack WMS schedules loading/unloading activities and controls vehicle access to the docks of large warehouses to optimize distribution.

YMS for Production

YMS for Production

With xTrack YMS, you can efficiently manage and optimize loading, unloading or routing traffic in the yards of large production plants.

What activities does the xTrack YMS system cover?

Dock scheduling

The scheduling of transport vehicles at docks for unloading or loading is automatically done through the xTrack YMS application. A number of parameters that play an important role are used in this scheduling process.  

By setting up schedules in this way, overlapping of unloading or loading activities of two or more vehicles is avoided and bottlenecks or idle times at docks are prevented.

In addition, unforeseen situations (a vehicle arrives at the warehouse after or before the scheduled time, or it arrives unannounced, or not at all) can be processed on the spot and the schedule is automatically adjusted according to the new variables.

Traffic coordination in the warehouse yard

In addition to scheduling or rescheduling activities in the event of unforeseen events that cause the initial unloading or loading times to be missed, managers can also use the xTrack YMS application to direct traffic from the entrance to the exit of the yard.

Vehicles are allowed access to the yard and then to the warehouse docks according to schedule, after their registration numbers being checked in the application. In this way, application users strictly control the access (check-in) of all vehicles and prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering the perimeter. Check-out from the yard is also recorded in the app, as each driver “declares” it upon exit. 

If trucks have to be parked in the yard, drivers are informed of available locations where they can stop temporarily so as not to block or hinder traffic. This ensures that traffic flows smoothly without unnecessary congestion in the confined perimeter around warehouses or distribution centres and that those managing yard activities know exactly where each truck is at all times.

Management of activities in the warehouse yard

The activities that take place in the warehouse yard are very important for the smooth running of the work processes inside the storage areas. Lack of coordination and synchronization of loading or unloading activities has a direct negative impact on delivery times.

Therefore, the digitisation and processing of information flows related to logistics activities in the yard of distribution centres or larger warehouses contributes significantly to the elimination of bottlenecks that generate avoidable delays in subsequent receiving and delivery processes.

In this context, automated dock scheduling, rescheduling in case of last-minute changes, real-time monitoring of operations and data collection to ensure traceability of processes are essential to speed up receipts and deliveries, and needed for further analysis.

xTrack YMS modules and functionalities


The daily schedule of specific loading or unloading activities is set automatically, taking into consideration a few key parameters:

  • the working hours of the warehouse staff,
  • the technical characteristics of the transport vehicle used (dimensions, tonnage, etc.),
  • the characteristics of the goods to be loaded or unloaded,
  • the type and availability of docks, and
  • the average time required for loading or unloading.

There are also restrictions on the scheduling of activities, depending on obvious priorities. For example, if a vehicle comes to the warehouse transporting cargo and needs to pick up other goods, it must be scheduled to be unloaded first, then loaded.

Traffic management

The xTrack YMS system allows traffic monitoring in the warehouse yard. The application gives users the ability to control vehicle access to the yard and direct them in real time to loading or unloading locations. In the event of any delays during unloading/loading, vehicles that are scheduled to go to the docks are directed to parking spaces where they will stop temporarily so that no unwanted traffic jams occur. The same applies to vehicles arriving too early.

Furthermore, the route taken by each vehicle is recorded in xTrack YMS for possible future checks, with all related data:

  • the vehicle registration number, 
  • the name of the driver and the transport company, 
  • time of arrival and departure from the yard, 
  • name of the company of the supplier or consignee, 
  • the operations carried out (loading, unloading, parking),
  • information about the cargo.

In short, the application provides real-time visibility on the location of vehicles and their operational status and ensures traceability of operations.

Management of loading/unloading activities

Using the YMS system improves response times at the warehouse logistics command and control centre and the productivity of everyone involved.

Optimisation of loading and unloading processes starts with proper scheduling of freight vehicles at the docks. It eliminates from the outset the overcrowding of vehicles at loading docks and the difficulties that this causes during receiving and delivery processes. 

Data centralization and processing ensures that all activities are synchronized and allows real-time adjustment of the set schedule and yard traffic to changes that occur. By optimizing activities, unscheduled breaks during work are prevented, and this ultimately results in faster deliveries to customers and increased customer satisfaction.

Task communication

Instructions for moving to docks or temporarily parking vehicles in specially designed spaces in the yard are also communicated to drivers via xTrack YMS. Through the app, drivers are automatically sent messages on their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) instructing them exactly what to do. Verbal face-to-face communication between warehouse employees and drivers is thus replaced by fast and error-free digital communication.

Software integration

The xTrack YMS system can be used independently. In this situation, much, if not all, of the required data has to be entered manually, which means a high possibility of human error and more effort and time spent on data collection, scheduling, monitoring and optimization of activities. The solution is simple – connecting YMS with other applications used in the warehouse.

Therefore, for optimal scheduling of activities at the docks, an integration with a WMS system is useful, allowing the xTrack YMS application to automatically retrieve the necessary data for scheduling unloading or loading. The integration with a TMS system is also useful for coordinating loading processes. An additional connection to a POD (Proof of Delivery) application can enable warehouse managers to track the delivery of goods to their final destination, step by step, which means achieving full traceability of goods and services.

Over 250 successful software deployments

We wanted a complete automation of the flows in the warehouse and, together with Axes Software, we managed to achieve our goal. Using xTrack WMS, we have reduced the time required to process orders and have developed the ability to make an impressive number of items available to our customers. We started using the application when we delivered 300 orders a day, and today we can even honor 12,000 orders. Black Friday has nothing to scare us, we can deliver the ordered products quickly and efficiently!

The biggest benefit of implementing xTrack WMS was that we were able to process more than twice the number of customer orders per day. We increased from 3,000 lines before implementation to 7,000 lines after implementation, using the same resources as people and storage space. This major benefit did not come alone. Inventory in the warehouse is much faster now and delivery errors have been reduced to an imperceptible level, which has allowed us to focus on other essential aspects of our business. Also, with the implementation of xTrack WMS, the professionalization process of the employees directly involved became a necessity that led in a short time to a much higher accuracy of the final result of the daily activity – productivity.

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