YMS for 3PL

xTrack YMS is the software “bridge” between xTrack TMS (transport operations), and xTrack WMS (warehousing operations), helping to increase efficiency on both sides.

YMS for 3PL
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What are the benefits of a YMS solution for 3PL?

It manages access to the warehouse yard

according to instructions received from 3PL customers.

It automates vehicle access to the yard

through LPR (Licence Plate Recognition).

It generates necessary documents

upon completion of loading, if required.

It sends messages to customers

about the status of trucks in the warehouse yard.

Solution description

The xTrack YMS solution for managing the outside area of a warehouse, the yard, is very useful in managing the flow of trucks arriving at a warehouse to both deliver and pick up goods. The operations covered are from arrival at the warehouse gate, identification of the truck, decision making on tasks to be sent to the driver, execution of the tasks by the driver, to the exit of the truck at the warehouse gate.

Any 100% automated flow can be implemented by integrating a license plate recognition system, visible screens indicating the direction the truck should be heading, parking management, waiting, time slot management (TSM) for loading/unloading operations at docks. A useful functionality of xTrack YMS is that there is a special WEB module for drivers, which can be accessed by scanning a QR code with a smartphone, module that can be used to receive tasks to be executed.

xTrack YMS provides a WEB module for manual scheduling of the operating intervals at docks by customers, suppliers or transporters.


  • Integration with WMS and TMS applications
  • Manual and automatic scheduling
  • Location tracking of vehicles inside the yard
  • Automatic vehicle identification (LPR)
  • Customer web module

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