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YMS for Distribution

The distribution of products in large warehouses can be affected by the distance between storage locations and the docks where the goods are loaded or unloaded. In this case, the choice of the optimal gate is made by connecting YMS with WMS.

YMS for Distribution
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What are the benefits of a YMS solution for Distribution?

It schedules cargo loading activities

according to delivery times to customers on the route.

It schedules the loading of goods,

simultaneously at several docks if necessary.

It generates instructions for drivers

who park at the entrance or in the yard of the warehouse.

It manages the parking area in the yard

for vehicles delivering or picking up goods.

Solution description

xTrack YMS for distribution applies to warehouses with relatively high truck traffic, regardless of the number of gates. Strict scheduling of loading and/or unloading operations for trucks is required to avoid blocking the warehouse. Warehouse blocking can be caused by overcrowding of the yard with too many trucks that can no longer manoeuvre, or by the fact that certain customer orders are being prepared at a particular dock that cannot be delivered because another truck has arrived there. Loading goods onto another truck can become impossible under such conditions.

Yard access control is very important and the automatic number plate identification system can be very useful. For trucks that arrive too early at the warehouse, guidance flows to waiting areas can be implemented using barrier systems and LCD instruction displays. Drivers can receive instructions related to the xTrack YMS application via the xTrack POD application, especially if they are their own drivers.


  • Storage of PDF documents or JPG pictures
  • Task system for drivers
  • Driver data import for issuing CMR documents / Freight Accompanying Notice
  • Prioritisation of unloading/loading operations
  • Informing the driver on the status of operations

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