YMS for Production

Factories with a high output, in whose yard a large number of trucks circulate, face many challenges related to the management of vehicles to be loaded or unloaded.

YMS for Production
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What are the benefits of a YMS solution for Production?

It streamlines freight deliveries

so that production workflows are not blocked.

It schedules every incoming truck

to the docks according to the production plan.

It communicates with drivers

through dedicated and easy-to-use apps, including SMS.

It manages transport vehicles

bringing in raw materials or picking up finished products.

Solution description

In order not to tie up financial resources in stocks, the MTS (Make To Stock) approach is more suitable for factories. Reducing delivery time to the customer can also be achieved by streamlining delivery and truck loading activities. In cases where there is no stock and production is made to order, it is very important that the delivery truck does not arrive too early at the factory in order not to increase delivery costs with unnecessary downtime. There are projects where the flow of trucks is very high, where a truck waiting to be loaded causes great disruption to the loading of other trucks.

Interaction with drivers or freight forwarders is also very important. xTrack YMS, through its partner WEB platform modules or through xTrack POD (link), brings a lot of advantages in the operation of specific workflows. Truck changes have to be reported to the YMS if it is implemented on 100% automatic functionality for the manoeuvres drivers have to perform. As in other cases, the correctness of the issued documents is also ensured by the information collected via xTrack YMS.


  • Alignment with production planning
  • Connection with MES applications (including xTrack MES)
  • Driver data import
  • Integration with LCD, LPR or xTrack POD

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