PMS for Distribution

Freight distributors do not always receive the pallets from customers when they deliver goods. The receipt of pallets and the types of pallets received are acknowledged in documents called vouchers.

PMS for Distribution
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What are the benefits of a PMS solution for Distribution?

It ensures complete management of returnable packaging

and an up-to-date record of their location, status and availability.

It prevents bottlenecks caused by missing returnable packaging,

enabling customer orders to be loaded in the shortest possible time.

It reduces wastage of returnable packaging, time and money,

that may occur during the transport of the goods.

It helps increase customer satisfaction as goods arrive on time

 and in optimal condition at their destination.

Solution description

The steps of a packaging management workflow must also take into account the specifics of the distribution business where, instead of pallets, documents, vouchers, are managed to prove that the packaging is in the custody of a customer. Each voucher specifies, in addition to the quantities for the types of pallets managed, a validity period until which the packaging can be retrieved. In this case, xTrack PMS becomes a very useful tool for managing vouchers.

Pallet losses do not mean for a distributor only some money to be invested in purchasing other pallets, but also costs to be paid as environmental tax on the amount of wood or other material that is put on the market. The reporting of these losses is done with the xTrack PMS application for our customers.

The stage a pallet is at in the workflow implemented in xTrack PMS does not need to provide very detailed information with reference to the location in the warehouse, for example, but it has to provide information on the machine where the goods were loaded and the related quantity of packaging.


  • RFID integration for packaging identification
  • Automatic invoicing if packaging is not returned
  • Reassignment of packaging serial codes to other packaging
  • Time tracking on each step of the workflow

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