PMS for Production

Manufacturers are at the beginning of the supply chain workflow and often have specific packaging that has to be tracked depending on the type of goods they are used for.

PMS for Production
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What are the benefits of a PMS solution for Production?

It allows strict control of returnable packaging,

required for transporting finished products to customer warehouses.

It ensures the necessary packaging at all times

for rapid loading of products and prevention of damage/destruction.

It eliminates the costs caused by packaging losses,

because the record of vouchers and returns is clear and detailed.

It contributes to increased customer base and loyalty,

 because goods arrive in optimal condition in their warehouses.

Solution description

Manufacturers are at the beginning of the supply chain. Many of them market their goods using special packaging, which they want returned exactly as delivered. Many implementations go as far as uniquely identifying each pallet or pack to also highlight the number of cycles the pack is used until it is removed from the workflow. Identification can be done by barcodes, but it’s done most simply and efficiently using RFID technology.

With unique identification at the packaging level, xTrack PMS brings a major advantage to manufacturers who need very accurate reporting of all costs. And the costs of reusable packaging such as pallets are very important.

The unique identification of each pallet, either using RFID or barcodes, also provides details of how long a pallet has been with customers in the supply chain. For the security of unique identification, two RFID codes can be attached when using this technology, and tags can be assigned to another pallet when a pallet is destroyed.


  • RFID integration for packaging identification
  • Automatic invoicing if packaging is not returned
  • Reassignment of packaging serial codes to other packaging
  • Time tracking on each step of the workflow

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